A Buyer’s Guide To Shutters

Despite being a traditional method of shading windows and keeping the weather out, shutters are now more popular than ever before! They’re strong, flexible, aesthetic, and effective, and there are so many styles and designs that there’s guaranteed to be a type of shutter that looks perfect in any home. But how do you choose the kind that’s right for you?

Let’s take a look at the options for shutters in our buyer’s guide!

white plantation shutters in living room window

What To Consider Before Buying Shutters

The first thing you need to think about before you even start looking for shutters is your home situation: what exactly do you need your shutters to do? The sun is a big concern for Central Coast buyers, and you’ll likely want shutters that can provide shade, but different types of shutters are better at different things.

Suppose you’re adding shutters to a bedroom. In that case, you probably want privacy, and you might have to use different materials depending on whether they’ll be inside or outside, as some materials resist the weather better than others.

Why Shutters Are Perfect For The Central Coast Weather

When it comes to the weather, shutters are perfect for use in Australia’s Central Coast because they provide all of the ventilation you could need without sacrificing their ability to shade your house or protect it from the elements.

Thanks to the adjustable louvres, you can decide exactly how much air flows through your shutters to keep you cool in summer and warmer in winter. Plus, they’ll protect you from the glare of the sun and be able to maintain your privacy at the same time.

What Shutter Options Are Available?

Plantation shutters are a classic choice for your windows and doors that are timeless and elegant while also remaining very practical. Plantation shutters are also super flexible, coming in a range of sizes and styles of mechanism, including bi-fold and sliding.

PVC plantation shutters are an excellent choice for indoor use because they are hard wearing and easy to clean, and they can stand up to the heat of the sun that travels through the window. They’ll stand up to even the harshest conditions without buckling or warping and are also mould and dirt resistant.

Aluminium plantation shutters are the perfect outdoor option as they are light and elegant looking and can stand up to sunny and rainy conditions without damage. Aluminium is light and strong, so these are perfect for high traffic areas with a lot of use.

Wooden plantation shutters are the most elegant solution, lending a lovely natural look to your home. Less robust than other types, these are only recommended for use indoors but have a timeless appeal that is hard to beat.

Choosing The Best Shutters Supplier

While your design and material choice are essential, the biggest decision you’ll make is who will install your shutters. Bay Blinds and Doors are the perfect choice for clients on the Central Coast, offering a top-quality service for a great price.

We can install your shutters in just six to eight weeks, after our free measurement service and quotation. With 20 years of experience under our belt, you can be confident we’ll do a great job.

Call Jeremy and Dana to secure beautiful plantation shutters in your home in time for Christmas 2021! Christmas cut-offs for shutter installations are October 15th, so get in quick for a free measure and quote.