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When thinking about household blinds, most people probably think about their benefits in terms of keeping light out of a room, not the things that they can do in order to enhance it!

Here at Bay Blinds And Doors, we specialise in the installation of great quality blinds on the Central Coast for all types of homes, and we like to spread the word not just about their primary function but about all the other types of functions that they can boast.

Here is some information about how exactly normal blinds can improve your household lighting.

  • The simplest way in which blinds affect light in a room is their coverage. All types of blinds can be fully open, partly open, or fully closed. This enables you to control the amount of natural light coming in which you can balance with the room’s lighting. 

  • When you have something like venetian blinds that are versatile in their shaping and their movability, you can use the slats to direct the natural sunlight in many different ways. Having movable slats as your natural light source enables you to direct the flow of light in the direction that you wish, whether that is up towards the ceiling or down towards the floor.

  • The problem with a completely uncovered window is that you can often experience unwanted glare that can make it uncomfortable to spend time in a certain room. With blinds, you are able to control those amounts of glare and make the lighting a much more comfortable experience for everyone involved. 

  • Improving household lighting also relates to being able to set a certain tone or mood for different occasions, and blinds are perfect for that. If you want low lighting and a more intimate atmosphere, then the blinds can come down and create a darker effect. If you want a big and bright room for something like a day party or gathering, then the blinds can be put all the way up and every ounce of natural sunlight available is free to come into the room. Sometimes blinds can be as effective for household lighting as electricity!

If you are looking for a new set of blinds in the Central Coast area, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

A member of our experienced and trained team will always be on hand to discuss your needs with you and make the right kinds of suggestions. We have a huge array of blinds available and are absolutely certain that you will find something that perfectly meets your preferences.

We very much look forward to being able to assist you in your home renovations and improvements.

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Customer Reviews

Leanne D

Erina Hts

"I would recommend 'Bay Blinds and Doors' to anyone interested in getting new blinds or doors. We are absolutely thrilled to bits with our new blinds and the door. The work was carried out on time, and in a very professional manner without fuss. It's good to see that good old fashioned customer service is still alive here on the Central Coast!"

Allan & Pam


"Im writing to inform you of how pleased we are with Jeremy with the supply of our blinds. We have been dealing with Jeremy for years now, he has measured all our blinds and screens. Jeremy is always on time and pleasant to deal with. When we move into our new home we will deal with him again."

David P.

Terrigal. NSW

"Hi Dana, just wanted to say thank you for the great service your company gave us. The blinds look absolutely amazing and the whole process went really smoothly from the first phone call to the time Jeremy left (very neat and tidy too!) Keep up the great work!"

Bianca. Long

Jetty. NSW

"Thankyou so much for our new blinds Jeremy. They look amazing!! I would recommend all family and friends to get in contact with you. I will be in touch soon to finish off the house. Thanks"



"Great product. Awesome service at an affordable price. Thanks Jeremy".



"We had our blinds installed this week and are so happy with them. Thank You".
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