Do’s and Don’ts When Pairing Curtains and Blinds

With the right curtains and blinds, your home could look amazing. They will dramatically change the appearance of any space, but you might be interested in combining them for a final look.

You might want to ask Bay Blinds & Doors if you can mix curtains and vertical blinds in your Central Coast home.

We can answer this, and we have other tips and tricks to prevent you from making a mistake. 

vertical blinds on a slanted window - central coast, nsw

DO – Select Blinds First

It makes sense to choose the blinds that you want first. This is because they can provide you with a clear block of colour that you can then pair with suitable curtains.

You can also learn more about the materials the blinds use and work to combine these with suitable curtain fabric. 

DO – Extend the Height of Blinds and Curtains

For a simple way to add drama to a small room, pairing drapes with blinds to create the appearance of larger windows can work magic on a space.

You can also adjust the position of the blinds in relation to the curtain to increase the height illusion. Bay Blinds and Doors can help you to create this effect in your own home. 

DO – Add to Comfort Levels

You want your living spaces to be warm and relaxed, so it makes sense to choose blinds and curtains that match this feeling.

Look for Roman blind fabric for softness, and combine with block colour curtains for a shocking effect. 

DON’T – Mix Strong Prints

Curtains and blinds both look very attractive when made from print fabric, but if you want to avoid a horrible clash, you need to keep one of the two simple.

We recommend a solid colour for the blinds, with a colour-matched pattern for the curtains. 

DON’T – Repeat the Same Pairing Throughout the House

If you match curtains and blinds for every room in your property, you will look like a show home, and it can also be very stilted and robotic.

Choose different curtains for each room in your home, matching the blinds to suit the decor there. 

Take advice from the best

If you want to know more about how to pair curtains and vertical blinds, call the Central Coast experts.

Bay Blinds and Doors can help you to make the ideal choice for your home, so reach out to us today through our online form, or call 0414 320 148 now.

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