How To Keep Your Blinds Looking Fresh

Whether you choose Venetians, verticals, or something else, blinds are a fantastic addition to your Central Coast home. They offer privacy, insulation and style. But once they’re installed, how do you get the best out of your blinds?

The team at Bay Blinds and Doors has put together some tips to keep your blinds looking their best and ensure a lifetime of style and protection.

How to clean blinds

Ideally, blinds should be given a gentle once over weekly, and a more thorough cleaning monthly. It may seem like a lot of effort, but by keeping your blinds in top condition, you can add value to your home and reduce the chances of breakage.

It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals and vigorous scrubbing on any blind type as this may damage the surface. If blinds appear badly stained, call a professional domestic cleaner.

Timber blinds

To protect wood finishes, avoid using abrasive sponges. Instead dust gently with a soft dry cloth, feather duster, or vacuum with a brush attachment. Our timber Venetian blinds have a high moisture tolerance, but avoid using large amounts of water for stain removal. Try a small amount of wood polish and soft cloth instead.

Aluminium blinds

Aluminium blinds can also be dusted with a soft cloth. Care should be taken with brushes and vacuums as the surface can be easier to scratch. Stains and dirt can be removed with a slightly damp (not soaking wet) cloth and mild soap, such as dish liquid or conventional surface spray cleaner.

Roman, Holland and Panel Glide blinds

The fabric should be treated with care, as some cleaning products may cause bleaching or colour run. Blot stains gently with a mild soap and soft cloth or paper towel. Dust can be removed with a duster or vacuum cleaner. Remember to leave the blind in a closed position until fully dry to prevent mould.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds generally attract less dust and dirt than horizontal blinds. A feather duster is ideal to easily clean the front and back of each slat. The top rail can be wiped with a lightly damp cloth.

Don’t forget to wipe or dust the window sills and frame, and clean the windows for a flawless finish.

Blind maintenance tips

When your blinds are installed, you will receive complete aftercare information, including advice on cleaning and lubrication if required. To avoid damage and ensure problem-free operation, we also recommend the following tips:

  • For verticals, Venetians and other slatted blinds, always rotate the blinds to the fully open position before retraction. The blind should make a 90° angle with the window.
  • Avoid leaving blinds in front of open windows to avoid wind damage.
  • When opening and closing, use a smooth, steady motion rather than yanking roughly
  • Dust, clean, and lubricate blind tracks and mechanisms as instructed.
  • Install cord tensioners to avoid tangles and choking hazards around children and pets

Central Coast blind installation

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