Men Are From Mars But Venetian Blinds Are Not From Venice

Venetian Blinds have well and truly earned their place in history.

These ingeniously devised window blinds have been popular since the middle of the 1700s when the first patents were registered for these suspended-slat blinds.

Angling the horizontal slats to allow just the right amount of light in, has helped create some classic photographs and iconic movie scenes. But it’s not only the light that Venetian blinds give you control over, they also give you privacy when you need it.

White venetian blinds - Central Coast home


The Empire State Building, and Radio City in the Rockefeller Center, both in New York, went with Venetian blinds. Testament to the durable nature of the Venetian mechanisms, no amount of twiddling the blinds by all those office types caused ‘buyer remorse’. Sales of Venetian blinds remain strong all over the world.

The horizontal slats are made from timber, metal and plastic and they are suspended by tapes and cords. The only significant user advice needed when it comes to their easy operation is to keep very young children away from the cords. A small child could come to grief if they were to become entangled. At Bay Blinds & Doors, our installations are done with the utmost care and consideration. We make sure that all the products we supply and fit are installed with safety in mind. 


The design of Venetian blinds has remained pretty much the same over the years. There has been no real call to reinvent the wheel.

The innovations have come in the way of cleaning wands for the slats, which inevitably gather dust over time.

One other stroke of genius has emerged, and that is the insertion of the Venetian blind between the two layers of double-glazing. Genius? No fouling of the mechanism and no dust to clean. You be the judge!


Many of our customers at Bay Blinds & Doors find Venetians a perfect fit. We can install them to small or large windows, neatly finished above with a tidy pelmet across the width.

Our Venetians are available in timber, or timber look. The timber-look Venetian has high moisture tolerance, so it’s ideal for wet areas, such as your bathrooms.

The hardiest of them will be our aluminium Venetian blinds. Whichever material you choose for your Venetian blinds—timber, aluminium or synthetic timber-look—you can’t lose. The beauty and ease of use remain.

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