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Ultimate control for your comfort, our
awnings are built to last and designed
to match your property perfectly.

 Bay blinds and Doors have been selling all kinds of shade products for more than 20 years. Being able to shade your home from the sun is important in the Australian climate, but as well as being practical, shades are also a lifestyle choice. 

Awnings on the Central Coast are certainly well suited to ur Coastal lifestyle and have so many benefits. Our awnings are built to last and available in various materials are made to measure in sizes up to 5 metres. We like to advise our customers to opt for automated awnings. Regular and automated awnings both have great benefits, just the automated versions have a few more.

The sun can get incredibly hot on the Central Coast and having an awning can provide the shade you need to enjoy your outside space in the height of summer. Having an automated retractable awning is even better as you can create the shade you need at the touch of a button. Create an outdoor room for entertaining by adding awnings and get protection from the morning and afternoon sun.

Create more space

A retractable awning makes your home feel bigger as it provides a connection between the indoors and outdoors. It turns an area of your garden into a space that can be used for relaxing, dining, or for kids to play. By adding awnings to your outdoor room you can entertain year-round!

Energy efficient

The shade an awning provides can help keep your rooms cooler which means your air conditioning has to work less hard, thereby saving energy and money on utility bills.  Also, because you are able to keep windows and doors open even when it’s raining, the awning helps the airflow through the house.

Protects your belongings

Sun can do irreparable damage to furniture and furnishings. The UV rays fade fabrics, wood and floorings over time. An awning protects the items in the shaded room. It also helps with room design because it stops glare which can affect where you situate your television and arrange your furniture.


Our bespoke awnings are a fraction of the cost of a home extension and provides more versatility (and is more affordable) than having a roof constructed over your patio, plus you get the added convenience when you choose an automated awning.

Available in Sunscreen Outlook, Canvas and Acrylic fabrics and are made to measure up to 5mts.

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