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Panel Glides

Panel glide blinds provide a stylish clean look for large openings, including windows and sliding doors. They stack away, each panel hiding behind the first, to provide unhindered views and unfettered access.

Panel glide blinds are proving to be very popular on the Central Coast. Our Newcastle customers too, enjoy the clean lines, from floor to ceiling in their homes.

As with so many of our products at Bay Blinds & Doors, you can select your preferred fabric and colour.

Panel glide blinds swivel open and close using a wand control. We have 3-, 4-, and 5-track systems and split panel systems with up to 9 panels.

To make them even more appealing, panel glide blinds don’t have the problem that blinds with horizontal slats suffer. With the horizontal format, dust settles on the slats. This means regular cleaning. By comparison, cleaning vertical panel glide blinds is not a gruelling chore at all. Your trusty feather duster will be up to the task. And that’s about as easy as cleaning gets.

If you’re a sucker for vacuum cleaning, simply your machine’s upholstery head to run over the blinds.

For spot cleaning and stubborn marks, powerful concentrated commercial cleaning products should be avoided. Lukewarm water and a mild soap is the go. A weak diluted mixture should do it, but test an inconspicuous spot first. That way, you won’t have permanently damaged blinds and a sad and sorry case of cleaner’s regret.

Assuming you can proceed confidently, follow your mild soap and water treatment by allowing your panel glide blinds to dry naturally. To speed up the drying time, you might feel tempted to take your hair dryer to the blinds. In a word, don’t. You won’t want to live with the warped and distorted results.

Bay Blinds & Doors can install sunscreen panel glides that close up for some privacy but still allow light to filter through. If you’re looking for more serious control over both glare and privacy, we also have full block-out panel glides.

Get in touch with us at Bay Blinds & Doors today, to find out more about which blinds will best serve your needs.

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