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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds come in a huge range of colours and fabrics at Bay Blinds & Doors.

These blinds are popular with property managers and investment property owners. They are not only a great option for rental properties, they also provide an excellent solution for sliding doors and windows. This is because they can be stacked left, right, or centre.

For use over door areas, we can supply your vertical blinds with sewn-in weights that prevent chains being tangled. Safer and family-friendly!

You can choose sunscreen fabrics that allow the sun to filter into rooms that can do with the natural light. Or you might want your verticals to have block-out fabric where glare is a problem and more privacy is preferred.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are quite the practical window treatment. With sliding glass doors, such as most patio doors, opening from side-to-side, the window coverings would also need to do the same. With the exception of vertical blinds, you’d need tracks to match the sliding door’s own tracks, or a blind that retracts into a pelmet. Framed and hinged blinds, hinged shutter panels for example, defeat the purpose of the space-saving aspect of the sliding doors.

Vertical blinds manage the side to side operation, while giving tilt control over light and privacy.

The light weight of vertical blinds allows them to be a highly cost-effective solution for wide openings. Other alternatives would be prohibitive. They would be more expensive and at some point the width to weight ration would be a serious concern with the blind being too heavy for its own good. The same problems would apply to exceedingly tall window coverings.

Vertical blinds could cover a 4m x 3m opening using just the one headrail. Hard to beat that for width to weight.

Vertical blinds don’t typically accumulate dust and dirt in the same way that horizontal blinds do. Once again, size doesn’t matter.

Cleaning vertical blinds that have fabric vanes is best done with a feather duster. A damp cloth is generally all that’s needed for vertical blinds made from synthetic materials.

Vertical blinds are one of the most affordable window coverings. Get in touch with us at Bay Blinds & Doors for more information about vertical blinds for your property.

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