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Shutters are as popular with property owners on the Central Coast as they are all the way up the coast to Newcastle.

To begin with, when you order your shutters from Bay Blinds & Doors, we custom fit them for you. The entire process is seamless and our professional installation ensures that their look is flawless.

Premium Basswood, Aluminium and Thermo are among the choices available for your shutters. Thermo, being water-resistant, is a great option for wet areas inside.

Plantation Shutters

Arguably the best reason for the enduring popularity of Plantation Shutters is their ability to create a unique ambience like nothing else. 

Our installations include pelmets over the width of the blinds. These are fitted precisely and their clean lines make for an elegant finish.

All our shutters at Bay Blinds & Doors are available to suit fixed, hinged, bi-fold and sliding installations. This means you have the freedom to choose the best options for your budget. The various shutter styles provide excellent solutions for every kind of residential and commercial property in Newcastle and the Central Coast. 

Your shutters will give you the smartest and easiest control over light and privacy. Simply adjust the blades to direct the light to your liking. Or close them completely for privacy and freedom from glare.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Don’t be fooled into think that Aluminium Plantation Shutters are only for outdoor installations. The truth, of course, is that they are built to suit interior installations. 

Weight-to-strength ratio means that aluminium shutters can cover wide spans. They come in a wide range of powder-coated finishes and they are resistant to moisture, bugs and blemishes. 

For longevity, Aluminium is hard to beat. 

When it comes to verandah and patio installations, Aluminium Plantation Shutters are certainly the big sellers. You can easily transform an exposed outdoor area to a private entertainment sanctuary with a quick swivel of the shutters.

Aluminium, of course, will handle almost anything and is perfectly suited for outdoor installation.

Timber Shutters

With plantation shutters Central Coast property owners are capitalising on their practical benefits and upmarket looks, second only to windows wide open to glorious views that only Mother Nature could manufacture.

Timber plantation shutters have that undeniable classic elegance—satin or matt-finished to emphasise natural grain and a timeless appeal. 

Cedar, especially Western Red Cedar (WRC), is the optimum timber for plantation shutters. WRC is light weight and very stable. Wide slats are possible and they will resist warping, bowing, cupping, as well as rot and insects.

That said, the best material for your plantation shutters is not necessarily timber.

You may have noticed that fashionable interior design pages regularly feature plantation shutters… in white! And while this trend began with timber and gloss white paint, the look has led to plantation shutters made from alternative materials—materials that can confidently be said to be superior to timber for the purpose.

Basswood, with its fine grain, brings the beauty of natural timber. It is suitable in all areas of your home that are not moisture-prone. Relatively light weight, Basswood can span greater widths without the stress on fittings that denser woods would cause.

PVC Plantation Shutters

Don’t be fooled into thinking that PVC Plantation Shutters are products of lesser quality. Certainly, the PVC ‘Thermo’ shutters we supply at Bay Blinds & Doors are no ‘faux timber’ also-rans. These are products you need to know about.

Consider the white shutters of the above-mentioned interior design pages. Imagine that gloss paint in the kind of heat and solar radiation that plantation shutters Central Coast windows typically face. The VOCs (volatile organic chemical compounds) released as a consequence will be most unhealthy.

The best choice for your family would likely not be painted timber.

Our Thermo Plantation Shutters are built to solve this toxic situation. Not only are they VOC-free, they can handle the heat without buckling and bending like a cheap toy. They’re also not bothered if their location is moisture-affected.

White is only one of the finishes. You can get Thermo Plantation Shutters as timber lookalikes too.

Something else you need to know about is that the product warranty for Thermo Plantation Shutters is longer by far than that accompanying the timber version.

For all your shutter needs, get in touch today. We’ll arrange for your measure and quote. And before you know it, your property will benefit from both the comfort and the look of stylish new shutters.




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