Should I Invest In Motorised Blinds?

At Bay Blinds, we’ve been supplying and fitting blinds for over 19 years. One of the most innovative developments has been the increased availability (and affordability) of motorised roller blinds. This type of blind offers all the features you can enjoy from a manual blind, but with the added bonus of being motorised.

They can be operated by a USB rechargeable battery, or in some cases hard-wired into your electrical system. To help you answer the question “should I invest in motorised roller blinds?”, we’ve put together a round-up of the features and benefits of this innovative product.

A Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds mean extra convenience

Motorised blinds can be operated remotely, which is ideal if you have a spacious home, or if you have longer distances between rooms or floors. You can open or close them any time of day or night, which is handy if you’ve turned in for the night and forgotten to close them.

Motorised blinds are safer for children and pets

Motorised blinds are cordless. This makes them the obvious choice for any home with children or lively pets. Motorised blinds are especially useful in children’s bedrooms; they’re not only safer, but remote operation means they can be opened or closed without disturbing your little ones.

High windows? No problem with motorised blinds

If you have lovely large windows or are vertically challenged, then motorised blinds offer the perfect solution. No more precarious balancing or having to leave your blinds open because you can’t reach them. There’s no need for steps or pull poles either, just a simple remote that works at the touch of a button.

Safer for older family members

Motorised blinds are invaluable for older members of the family. They offer much-needed independence thanks to being easy to operate. Older people can enjoy the privacy and convenience they’re used to, without having to risk their safety by reaching for cords and pulleys.

Sleek design

Motorised blinds are free from cords and handles, so they work beautifully in a home with a minimalist aesthetic. They bring an air of effortless luxury too, which enhances any home.

Practical for rooms with purpose

Motorised blinds are a great choice for “doing rooms”. Places like workshops, art studios, sewing rooms and of course, the kitchen, are areas where you’ll really benefit from choosing a motorised blind. You can adapt the light at the touch of a button, without leaving your work and without risking getting any unwanted splashes or marks on your beautiful blinds.

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