The Many Benefits of Plantation Shutters for Your Home

Plantation shutters make a lot of sense for the Central Coast home. In a climate with year round sun, punctuated by high winds and teeming rain, they combine good looks with practicality.

Transposed from their original location in the US Deep South, these shutters were designed to keep out the sun. Their elegant design looks like it belongs in a sunny climate, which is why it’s perfect for coastal NSW.

This tradition has moved on, too, to complement modern building design and home decor schemes. As experts in the plantation shutters Central Coast homeowners love, we know that these shutters represent an excellent investment.

indoor plantation shutters central coast residential home

Plantation Shutters Have a Proven Design

Originally designed to fit on the outside of buildings, modern plantation shutters also work perfectly indoors. Their strength is their protection from the sun, which is what affects most Central Coast homes.

Plantation shutters have wide, strong horizontal slats, which form a perfect barrier against heat, glare and UV. This protects people’s skin when they’re indoors, avoids rooms heating up, and protects furniture, carpets and fabrics.

Another modern departure for plantation shutters is that they can be adjusted. Their wide, strong structure means that the tiniest tweak can let you see what’s going on outside.

Or, as the sun moves across the sky, it’s easy to let in or keep out light throughout the day. This is the perfect combination of privacy and natural illumination.

Modern plantation shutters also come in a choice of materials. Traditional timber shutter frames and slats don’t have to be white, but can also look natural. Wood is a natural insulator, and these shutters are excellent insulators.

Their boxed in design keeps heat in or out, depending on the time of day or year. Such natural insulation is a great help with energy bills and energy efficiency ratings.

For many, the plantation shutters Central Coast people want are chosen for their exterior benefits. Whether on the ground, first or upper floors, this design makes a home look stylish.

These shutters are particularly good over larger windows, which most coastal NSW homes have. Their horizontal, boxed design looks perfect from the street, especially in the bright sunshine. As this is very important when selling a property, plantation shutters add value.

Aluminium is the most popular material for exterior plantation shutters. This can be powder coated in almost any colour or left to look metallic. Aluminium is light and strong, and perfect protection against the weather.

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