What Type of Blinds are Best for You?

Many Central Coast homeowners prefer blinds to any other form of window covering.

The harsh NSW sunshine can be damaging to people and materials, while nobody wants to keep it out altogether. Curtains are considered too heavy, and can’t be very well adjusted.

This leaves the choice of two popular blind types; Venetian and roller.

These blinds sometimes have slightly different names, but their designs represent two basic types. Each has its merits, and neither is right or wrong for any given home.

As suppliers of blinds that Central Coast homeowners love, we appreciate what drives people’s choices.

venetian blinds installed in bedroom on one large and one small window

Blinds Practicality

Practicality is bound to be an important factor when choosing which type of blinds to buy. A busy homeowner or head of a family hasn’t got the time for blinds not to do their job properly.

If the sun’s out, you want them down, just like that. Some people prefer roller blinds because of their single action, up or down function.

Venetian blinds, on the other hand, need slightly more thought. Their advantage is that they offer more degrees of privacy.

Venetian blinds also have a reputation for being dust gatherers. As they consist of a lot of horizontal slats, the dust has more chance to settle. This was thought especially true with wooden blinds.

Today, however, Venetian blinds come in other materials, which don’t gather dust and are easier to clean.

Roller blinds, in the meantime, only have one surface. These days, even this can be boxed in at the top to avoid dust altogether.

The roller blinds Central Coast people buy have also developed in terms of the materials they’re made of.

They used to be pretty much limited to canvas or fabric. Today’s rollers come in a number of variations.

Some keep out the sun altogether, while others allow you to see out without others seeing in. For many, however, nothing beats the elegance of Venetian type adjustable, horizontal slats.

The Finer Details

The issue of cost will also affect which type of blinds are best. Traditionally, Venetian type blinds were more expensive, as they cost more to make.

Timber slats had to be sourced, and each blind took up quite a lot of labour to manufacture.

Roller blinds, meanwhile, were much less labour and material intensive. With today’s convergence of both, however, this difference in cost is not so marked.

People with young families may also be concerned about safety issues. Little hands getting trapped in cords or working parts used to be a worry, especially for Venetian blind owners. Today, these blinds come with wand control, which is itself height adjustable. This technology is also available for roller blinds, however.

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